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    Sling Box locks up after last upgrade

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      I have Slingplayer Desktop loaded on my home, work and laptop computers ever singe I updated to the latest version 90 % of the time when I run the program it starts up and locks up on the Slingbox logo after a while it will time out, other times I start task manager and end the process ( 5 issues of sling box running every time I do this).

      I can try to run it again and it may or may not work, after numerous tries it will work, this happened on all 3 computers running either Windows 7 or 8.

      I was told by sling box I have get a command prompt and enter (%APPDATA%) and enter, this doesn't help.

      I have uninstalled the program looked at program the files and deleted all traces on it and reinstalled, same issues. Plus who wants to enter a command prompt every time the program is ran.

      It works fine on my Android phone.