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    Setup problem with remote

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      My company owns a Slingbox Solo and we're trying to configure it to check if our TV transmission centers are working properly. The idea is to install the Slingbox near to the TV transmitters with a tuner, and view the TV channels remotely. We manage several transmission centers and we would buy more Slingbox if that works properly.


      We are based in Spain and here we use DVB TV for general TV difussion, locally known as TDT (Television Digital Terrestre). We have many diferent models of DVB tuners, but I can't get them to work with the Slingbox. We can see the video, but we can't use the remote. Also, I can't create a request in "Remote Control Request" cause I'm being redirected to https://community.slingbox.com/create-username.jspa


      Those are the models I've tried:


      Axil RT0165

      Nevir NVR-2582 D

      SigmaTek DVBR-155

      Axil 310 (or RT310)

      Pro Basic 1005

      Axil RT101


      We have a lot of RT101 tuners, so we would prefer to use this one instead any of the others. If it isn't possible, we would like to know if there is another tuner that works properly.

      By the way; the IR lights are working properly. I've checked it with a camera. I will let the Axil RT101 powered on for your convenience.


      Thanks a lot.