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    Sling Box Pro HD hangs up at 25% on update...


      I recently reassembled my stereo equipment to place in a new piece of furniture.  I started up the sling box, my prior hook up was via component cables from Direct TV sat box to Sling box.  When restarted, it was black and white.  I shut down the unit, reset, made sure the components were hooked up properly and was all set to reconfigure my box.  It is recognized, but needs "updating".  When I run the update, it downloads 25% then hangs up...the unit flashes, my mac logo spins, and nothing else happens.  I can't proceed at that point.  I have two sling boxes one for my shop, one for inside.  I have been hooking them up for years...without incident.  I have unplugged the unit and restarted the unit.  My second unit runs fine.  I had unhooked my router, to move it.  I restarted my router, whereas it initially worked but in black and white, is is now hung up on the update at 25% and I can proceed no further.  Any ideas?