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    I once recommended Slingbox to my friends!  This is so embarrassing.

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      I once told all of my friends and family that they needed to buy a Slingbox.  A few of them even listened to me.  Now they are being subjected to banner ads everywhere and streaming software that is very buggy.  I don't really pay attention to the inner workings of Sling Media but your CEO needs to be fired immediately.  If you guys are in trouble with money then bombarding your most loyal customers with unwanted advertisements and flawed software is going to be the final nail in your coffin.  This is so obnoxious that I feel the need to apologize to my friends and family for recommending your company and giving them some of their money back from their initial investment.   I don't even know if you guys are a publicly traded company but if you do have publicly traded stock then I think it would be wise for everyone out there to short your stock.  This is not going to end well for you.