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    Pro-HD with LinkSys EA8500, LTE and LAN work, local WiFi does not

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      I have just installed a new LinkSys EA8500 router in my home.  I have two Pro-HD sling boxes, but the problem I am going to describe is the same if I take one of the boxes out of service.  I can successfully connect to either Slingbox using a Macbook over a local LAN connection, or via iPhone 5 using SlingPlayer over LTE, as long as I have WiFi turned off the device I am using.


      If I turn on WiFi on either the Macbook or iPhone 5, I cannot connect to either Slingbox.  I can get to other things in my house and the internet with either device, so it seems the issue is Slingbox specific.  I am not connecting to a guest network. I can successfully ping both Slingboxes from my Macbook.  Each Slingbox is on a different port, I can make a successful telnet connection to the respective IP/port combination from my Macbook.


      When WiFi is on, all I get on my Macbook is a popup that says "There is an error connecting to your Slingbox.  Please try again." and a button to "Reconnect", which just cause the popup to reappear.  On your my iPhone 5, I get a popup that says, "Slingplayer cannot connect to Slingbox.  Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet and try again (8)".


      Any suggestions or error logs I can look at to try and diagnose what is preventing the connection?

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          Hi, sorry i don't have a solution for you, but i can tell you I am having the exact same problem and I use the same Linksys ea8500 router for my home WiFi. Like you, I can also connect to my Slingbox 350 with both my PC's using LAN. However, I cannot connect with my Android phone or tablet using the same LAN connection. I get the same error to make sure both devices are connected to the internet. Also, (same as you described) I can connect to my Slingbox with my Android using LTE as long as I turn my WiFi off.


          I'm not really sure what to do either. I already factory reset my Slingbox and went through the setup progress again. I've also restarted my modem, router, phone, and reinstalled the Android app multiple times. If I find a solution first, I will be happy to share it with you. Otherwise, I will keep checking back. Good luck!

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              Thanks, I also went through the various resets with no success.  I just wish there was some log or error information that was truly helpful.  While my Macbook is using wireless in my house I can successfully access my Western Digital NAS storage, which is on my LAN.  I can also access a Canon wireless printer with no problem.  So my Macbook, even when using a wireless connection, can access other devices, no matter if the devices are hard wired or wireless, it just an issue for Slingbox.



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              Well, I encountered this issue tonight, and solved it.


              Here's what I did.


              Set up static DHCP address for Slingbox.

              Opened port 5001.


              This still gave the same error.


              I then put the Slingbox's IP in the DMZ.


              Still gave the same error.


              I then enabled the "Media Prioritization" setting for the Slingbox's IP.


              Boom.  Working via the internet and my LAN.  Working via WIFI through the EA8500.


              Hope it works for you.