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    Slingbox now vs. early 2000s


      I can recall using Slingbox in the early 2000s,  when it first came out.  It was a wonderful experience!  I think back then,  the technology worked by moving video directly from the source,  thru your home network,  to your viewing device.  I had everything hardwired with Cat5,  so signal went from Tivo thru 100 Mbps network,  to desktop computer.   The viewer was great as well.  You had the capability of shrinking it down to just the viewing frame, no extraneous text, icons, et al.  around the frame.   And,  you could move your viewing box to different monitors in multi-screen environment with ease.  The picture quality was outstanding too.  I loved Slingbox back in the day!


      I stopped using Slingbox in the mid 2000s,  when they took away the ability to shrink the picture just to the viewing frame.   At some point thereafter,  they changed the way they move the signal also?   Instead of moving it within your home network from source to viewing device,  they started uploading the signal to servers,  then downloading to your viewing device.   As a result,  upload speeds of your internet connection became critical.   You just could not have a good experience with 1 Mbps upload speeds.  Video was constantly buffering,  freezing up.   I haven't used Slingbox since.


      How about now?   Does your internet upload speed still determine useability ?


      The software enabling viewing on a desktop computer,  can you shrink it down to just the viewing frame,  or does it still have all kinds of extraneous stuff around the frame?






      Apologize if I have posted this before.  Can not figure out how to find my old posts.  Overall,  I find this user forum very Microsoftish,  overly complex, complicated,  over-engineered,  which is why I am an infrequent user ... it's an unusable maze.


      Thank you advance for an update on the modern day Slingbox experience.

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello Jeff,


               Yes, it is true that using a Slingbox always requires a fairly decent upload speed, even if you are viewing inside the home network of the Slingbox. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to have both 2Mbps Upload and Download at both locations (Slingbox and remote location). To answer your second question, if you were to use a Slingbox (other than an M1 model), you should see an option on Newwatch.Slingbox.com for "pop-out player" which, displays only the video window itself with little to no additional borders/content.


          I hope this answers your questions.

          - Stan

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              alanrichey42 Master

              OK, this is VERY confusing and I suspect a misleading question and answer and I think it needs clarifying.


              We have ALWAYS been told on this forum that watching the Slingbox on your home network requires an internet connection ONLY for the initial handshake and downloading of the directory.    As such I fail to see why the upload speed is relevant.  In fact my own experience backs this up, as my UK BT connection offers only 356Kb upload speed (I live in the middle of nowhere) and I get a perfectly good picture on my Slingbox operating at about 3Mb.


              I should also add that the system described by Jeffrey would mean that watching the Slingbox on your home network would count towards your monthly data cap, and again we have ALWAYS been told that is not true.   Again my own experience backs that up.


              So what has suddenly changed ?   Or am I correct and everyone else wrong ?

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                  Hmmmm.   Your questions are good ones.  Hope someone responds.  


                  How are you able to get a good picture with only 356K upload speed?   Makes no sense.   I have  500 kbps to 1 Mbps ... and my picture is miserable,  which is why I stopped using Slingbox.   


                  And,  what is the issue about a CAP?   Never heard that they capped the service in any form or fashion.   Excellent questions.

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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      I meant I get a good picture watching locally, when it operates at 3Mb.   Having said that, I watch the UK Sky coverage of the Formula One series while I am in the USA, and although I could not describe it as 'good' it is perfectly adequate to follow what is going on (I like the commentators and the lack of adverts)


                      A data cap is very common in the UK.  I used to be limited to 40Gb/month and there is even a 10Gb tier of service.   I must admit I now pay the extra for an unlimited service.