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    Windows 8.1 vs. Slingbox SOLO


      Hi All,


      I'm really hoping somebody can help me with this one.


      I've got a Slingbox SOLO which seems to work, and I can connect to it from...


      1. Ipad using Slingplayer App.

      2. Windows 7 laptop running the Slingplayer plugin within Chrome and IE (which appears to connect to "newwatch.slingbox.com").


      However, I've got a newer Windows 8.1 machine which doesn't work. Or more specifically, you can actually connect to the Slingbox using Chrome(43.0) or IE(11) with the plugins, but no video or audio is received. It does appear to be connected, in that you get the option to "disconnect" (top right), and the remote control appears (and works).


      Things I tested/tried...


      1. I've also tried the "legacy" Slingplayer (which was challenging to install). This runs, and tries to connect to the SOLO, but just after "optimizing" it brings up an error in terms of "there was a problem communicating with the slingbox blah blah blah".

      2. I then moved on to try connecting to it "via" Facebook. To my surprise, this worked but the quality (not surprising) is so terrible as to be unworkable.


      I thought this might be graphics related, but I'm not sure as everything else on this machine works in terms of graphics/media stuff. It's an Acer Revo RL80 with an Acer T232HL screen if that matters?


      Note that I'm doing all this "locally" over my home network if that matters?


      Any help would be great?!?!?!?!?!