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    Has Slingbox made itself obsolete? No Longer usable.


      I am a long time fan of Slingbox. My first Slingbox went online in 2008. I have 2 of them and have been very happy. I enjoyed them more before it became mandatory to use a browser. But then the desktop app came back and I thought - Yay Yippee.


      It goes without saying the ad's are annoying. But what happened to the connectivity. My house has 50mb/15mb service. I stream multiple security cams and webcams non-stop. But now I have less than a 25% chance of getting to use my Slingbox.


      I get to watch for maybe 90 minutes before it loses connection. And then I get to watch the ads to reconnect, but it won't reconnect. It just keeps playing ads over and over again.


      With 2 different Slingbox units to choose from, and the ability to stream other video sources at the same time Slingbox says nothing is connected to my network, I find it hard to believe the trouble is at my house....


      I did some browsing in the forum, but it doesn't seem like Slingbox is monitoring or participating in the discussions....


      Is there any kind of tech support? Or we have to pay for a service which seems to be digging itself into a hole?


      Any tips, thoughts, advice or tricks you have to share would be appreciated.