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    New Laptop and also recommendations for new Slingbox

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      Currently I have a PRO HD slingbox and am looking to buy a newer version - any recommendations - I use this Slingbox to watch TV outside of the US - I have an apple tv at that location so something that would work with that and not have to use my ipad or computer to sling it to the apple tv to be able to watch on the tv would be great since it would cut down on an extra step of streaming....(internet not always the best where I use this).


      Also looking to by a basic laptop computer for my home base - any recommendations - I believe I would still need that at the "slingbox" location so that if something was wrong with the slingbox I would have to contact support and have a computer at that location.


      It would be really great if someone would get back to me on these issues - time is of essence.


      Thank you