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      To whom it may concern since I couldn't find an email address in the contact section:


      I find it extremely FRUSTRATING, RUDE, ANNOYING, AND OFFENSIVE that I am now required to watch an ad before I am allowed to control or gain access to my Slingbox WHICH I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!!  I will now seriously consider switching to the Vulkano.  Thanks for ******* off a customer of many years. 

        • Re: Ads!

          Agree. I bought 4 Slingboxes. But when I want to watch I have to watch an ad??? So wrong, even if I can skip after 5 minutes!


          PS, the $15 app fee should be a one time fee for all operating systems. I paid it for Android. Now to add the player to Kindle Fire and Ipad I have to pay two more $30 fees? BS!