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    Can a Small mobile TV(or smarttv) without cable access work with Slingbox?


      I am trying to set a TV for an old man in a room without a phone jack or cable jack?  Can I buy a smart TV and use it?  I am no technofile.  I went to bestbuy and bought slingbox and the cheapest small TV.  I could not hook it from the router to the tv because they did not share any connection types.  What is my best way to do this.  This user is NOT going to learn to use an Ipad.   He just wants a TV that he can put in different rooms like he has for the last 30 years before they got rid of antenna TV's.  How can I do this the most easiest way?  Can I just get a smart TV and pickup the smarttv signal?  The guy at Best Buy said there was just a jack you put into any  TV...I saw no such jack?