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    How to Disable SlingPlayer Gallery View for Windows Mobile Product


      Hi Sling developers,


      I own:


      -Slingplayer for Android Tablets

      -Slingplayer for iPhone and iPad

      -Slingplayer for Windows 8 mobile


      The introduction of the "Gallery" view is an issue for me.....Gallery is useless for me, as my Slingbox is connected to a DVR system, not a TV tuner box. Therefore, clicking on any Gallery item does nothing for me, yet in the Windows version of Slingplayer, I have to manually exit out of "Gallery" to get to Live TV. This is very difficult, and usually takes several attempts.


      We need to be able to disable Gallery in all versions of Slingplayer.

      Sticking useless interfaces in front of a customer is a development sin.


      Please fix this.