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    TV signal interruption from Slingbox when powering on TV


      I have a Slingbox 500, which worked fine for a few months, but for the past 4 or 5 months, every time I power on my Vizio TV, the video is static with no sound.  I can watch TV for hours with no problem, but if I power off the TV - I get this result when it is next powered back on.  The "fix" I've discovered is to pop out the HDMI cable from the Slingbox and plug it back in.  Have replaced the HDMI cables with new ones, but with the same result.


      I recently disconnected the Slingbox from my Internet router and moved it and the TV to a different room.  Slingbox no longer has a hardwire connection to Internet and is temporarily not is use because of that, but it is still having the same effect on the TV -- every time TV is turned on, I have to unplug and re-plug the HDMI cable from the back of the Slingbox.  This is true if TV power is turned off for 1 second or 3 days.


      Any ideas?

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Tom!


          Passing the HDMI signal from cable box through a Slingbox to your TV shouldn't have any effect on the TV's signal, especially if the Slingbox isn't in use (assuming it's powered on).


          Give this a shot if you haven't already: Try running the HDMI from the cable box straight to the TV, and see if any similar issue occurs.  If you're able, I would also try running HDMI from a DVD player through the Slingbox to the TV, and see if you get the same results, say, watching a movie.  That'll help us eliminate the video source as the issue.


          Also, try giving the Slingbox a factory reset, and setting it back up if the above does not fix the TV signal issue.


          Hope this is helpful!