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    White Screen - Vista & Windows 7 - ie9 & ie11

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      After many years of using my 2 slingboxes (Solo & Slingbox 500) all over the world,  as of 6/17/15 I cannot get past the white screen that appears after I

      select "Watch" at the top of the Slingbox Home page!

      I have tried on my Sony Vaio with Vista - ie 9.   My Gateway notebook with Windows 7,  - ie 9 .   And  my newest Dell desktop, - Windows 7 -ie 11.

      I have the Old Slingbox program that was downloaded before the "Interest Access" version and it works with my Solo!   Maybe the 500 too but I need to

      find the password for the Solo 500.

      The iPad works fine too.

      The Macbook Pro works with Safari 8.06 after downloading the latest Slingbox plug-in, but new new version shows more on-going advertisements.

      In conclusion, it appears that the problem is an Internest Explorer related issue.

      Any information from The Community is appreciated.

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          I get the same white screen on Vaio Vista Business and ie9 on 3 notebooks, they used to work fine untill early June 2015. Any help will be appreciated.

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            Here is what I shared on June 12.  Same issue as Medhat's and Conti's.  It would appear Slingbox made an update that won't work with Vista:


            The program for my Slingbox 350 stops at the Slingbox.com white screen after using

            it successfully for months. No error messages occur. I've tried deleting the

            Sling Media folder and reloading the program and using the reset button on the

            Slingbox. It keeps stopping at the Slingbox.com white screen. I then went

            through the setup process after resetting my Slingbox on another laptop with

            Windows 8.1. It worked fine on that computer. Here is the laptop I've used my

            Slingbox successfully on until about 6/6/15:

            ASUS Notebook X83V, 64 bit, Windows Vista.

            Unless a Slingbox update occurred that fails to work with Vista, could it be related to

            a Java update that I obtained at about the same time?  Thanks.

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              I responded to your email an hour ago with the problem not resolved using Internet Explorer.  However, after downloading the Firefox browser and connecting to Slingbox.com through Firefox, I was able to get Slingbox to work again.  If it fails using Firefox within the next few days, I will attach another response to your post.


              I hope this works for you.