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    Component to composite?

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      I recently moved my Slingbox 500 to an older TV because the upgraded Comcast X1 STB on my main TV has HDMI out only.  The remote STB on older TV has component out.

      Here is my setup:

      Coax from wall to STB

      Component video, right/left audio from STB to slingbox

      Composite video, right/left audio from slingbox to TV.  Note: TV is OLD, only inputs are coax, composite, R/L audio.

      The slingbox is working as I can stream successfully to laptop

      However, I cannot get audio or video signal to TV.  I just get fuzz.  Changed TV input, no luck.

      HELP!  Why no signal to TV?


      Note: previous working setup on this old TV was --

      Coax from wall to STB

      Coax video, right/left audio from STB to TV.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          The OUT plugs on the Slingbox are ONLY dumb pass through.   So to get an output for your TV on the composite OUT, you will need a signal on the composite IN.


          The only solution I can think of is a component > composite adapter to take the component OUT of the Slingbox and convert it.