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    Latest Plug In not working on Mac Mini

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      I have been watching my Slingbox on my Mac Mini via the Web Portal (run through Safari) successfully for a long while. However with the release of the latest version of the Safari Plug In I could no longer use my system using the Plug In that I had been using. Unfortunately the new Plug In just sits there saying that it is refreshing - I can only assume that the issue is because the new Plug In appears to require IoS 10.8 or above (Yosemite). This is the first program that I'm running on the system that has required Yosemite.

      My Mac Mini is currently very happily running IoS 10.7 (Lion) but in order to accommodate the Plug In requirement I have tried to update the system to run Yosemite but through no fault of my own, or of my system, I have not been able to get the update. I am working with Apple on this but they cannot explain this as yet. In the meantime I would like to be able to use the previous version of the Plug In that worked. I have removed the new Plug In and reinstalled the previous version but it wont run and just forces me to download the new Plug In.

      Given the circumstances above, please advise as to how I can get the previous version of the Plug In to run.

      I would appreciate a response on this as I have been a staunch fan of Slingbox (I'm on my second device having upgraded from my initial one, and have recommended the system to others) and I have used the system pretty much everyday. If I cannot solve this I'm will have to abandon my Slingbox and use SkyGo instead.