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    How to select an audio bitrate higher than 96kbps

    Vifa84 Newbie

      I have a slingbox 500 that I use to stream tv from my office to a computer in my garage that's connected to a good audio system/projector.

      The video is very good but the audio sounds terrible, hollow, tinny, especially at higher volume.  the system sounds fine with music so I know it's the slingplayer i'm using from the browser that's only streaming audio at 96kbps.  I don't understand this at all since the overall average bitrate is 8.3mbps. Increasing the audio rate from 96kbps to 192kbps wouldn't make a difference at all on the network but would make a huge difference in sound quality.  How can I make it stream at 192kbps?  The old desktop player from years ago would let you select the audio bitrate, I think up to 160kbps.  There has got to be a way to do this?