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    Trouble with a Slingbox Pro HD


      Hi, I picked up a virtually new looking unit. I looks like it was never installed but I have no history on the item, so it could be just broken.

      All items were in the original box unused. All item in the box had the original tie-wraps around their wires. It will turn-on(red power light does light).

      I have a Belkin wireless bridge that works other items perfectly so I plugged the Pro HD using the supplied Cat 5 cable. The Network light didn't

      turn on. I figured possibly that arrangement might be the issue. I temporarily, bring it upstairs to my wireless router and plug it in there.

      Unfortunately, the Network light didn't turn on again. I tried another Cat 5 cable and no joy either. I then pressed the Pro HD's reset button for

      about 10 seconds and waited, but once again, no Network light came on.

          Does anyone have any other ideas?? I watch a You Tube video on it. The person reviewing the Pro HD mentioned how Hot the unit gets, even

      in standby. The one I have is cool to the touch even after being on for hours. I don't know if this means any thing but I figured I would mention it.

      Thank you for helping.