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    No video signal

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      Hello! I have a problem with a slingbox pro hd version which has worked 100% last summer when i used it. Now when i tested it the slingbox only delivered sound to the ipad i was using to stream in and it shows no video signal. I have checked the cables and all of them are plugged proparly into the slingbox. I tried to reset it as well but this didn't work either. Have someone got the same problem? Are there any updates i have to install? Would really appreciate if someone could help me!

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          scollo Newbie
          Welcome to my world....I have a slingbox pro HD and have been having the same problem for months. There are quite a few of us all with the same model sling box all using iPad AirPlay and all getting only audio. If you check out other people's post like ....Internet Radio....or no video...you won't be happy. The latest word was engineering team was looking into it. If you have any luck at all please reply back too me. Thanks.
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            kristine.sling Newbie

            Hi Lasseboi,


            In order to better assist with this issue, I'd need a little bit more information. Is audio only, happening on multiple devices? Have you changed your cable box, or anything else in your configuration since the Slingbox was last used? If you are running HDMI in addition to the cables to the Slingbox, and this is happening on multiple devices, you may be experiencing an issue called HDCP or SOC. Here are a couple of articles that may assist in this case: 






            Please don't hesitate to let us know if these don't help.



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                scollo Newbie
                It only happens when using my iPad Air  to Apple TV AirPlay feature. I can connect my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable and connect to my slingbox and everything works perfectly. Nothing has been touched on the connections or settings. I know the AirPlay is working because I am able to use other applications like Utube and watch a video with no problem. I've gone to the Apple Store and experienced the same issue with there equipment and they told me it's a bug in the slingbox app. I've checked my port forwarding from my home router and everything is good there as well.