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    How can I get my Slingbox 350 program to move past the Slingbox.com white screen?

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      The program for my Slingbox 350 stops at the Slingbox.com white screen after using

      it successfully for months. No error messages occur. I've tried deleting the

      Sling Media folder and reloading the program and using the reset button on the

      Slingbox. It keeps stopping at the Slingbox.com white screen. I then went

      through the setup process after resetting my Slingbox on another laptop with

      Windows 8.1. It worked fine on that computer. Here is the laptop I've used my

      Slingbox successfully on until about 6/6/15:

      ASUS Notebook X83V, 64 bit, Windows Vista.

      Unless a Slingbox update occurred that fails to work with Vista, could it be related to

      a Java update that I obtained at about the same time?  Thanks.