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    Slingbox M1 with a Motorola DCT700

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      can anyone explain to me how to hook up my slingbox M1 to a Motorola DCT700 basic cable box.

      i have a coaxial cable in to box and out to tv. then i have an audio in and out. I do not know how to hook this up to the cable box or do i try and hook the connections at my TV



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          matthew.sling Newbie

          Hello WESTROXBURY2001,


          Thanks for contacting us here on the forums. The only way the Slingbox M1 would be able to get connected to a cable box is with component or composite cables, on its own. I looked up the back of that model, and it looks like you only have yellow, white, and red. The cable that came with the Slingbox might not have a yellow, but you can use one of the component video cables as a replacement. If the cable box has an HDMI port, you can find a HDMI to component adapters that would work. We have a link for one off our website that might help you out if that is the case.



          Hope that helps.