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    Need to be able to upgrade remotely!

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      I travel a lot, which I why I got my Slingbox 500 just a few weeks ago. I'm very happy with it . . . at least until I hit a HUGE problem last night.


      I tried to use Slingplayer on my Android phone and got a message that it couldn't connect. Then, when I backed out to the dashboard screen, it told me that I needed to install an update on my Slingbox -- and it appears that I can only do that AT the Slingbox, using the remote control.


      Two problems here.

      • If I'm away for several weeks, I can't use my Slingbox because it insists on installing an update that I am not at home to install.
      • Once I got my Slingbox configured, I hooked it up on a second cable set-top box and there is no TV/monitor attached to it - this is so if someone IS at my house while I'm traveling, I can still watch my Slingbox and not interfere with their TV watching. To install the update, though, besides actually being there, I'd have to either move the Slingbox to a TV or move a TV to the Slingbox.


      I seem to be able to do just about everything else I need to do from the Slingplayer app or from a browser plug-in. I'm really hoping there is a way I can get the Slingbox to do upgrades that way, too. And yes, I understand that it would undoubtedly involve launching the upgrade, then getting disconnected when the device reboots, and then having to connect again. That's no problem - the same thing happens on the infrequent occasions I need to change certain settings on my wireless AP for my home WiFi.