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    Pop-up Player?

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      Where did the pop-up player option go?   I am using Win 8 and Chrome I no longer see the option to have it popup into a neat clean discrete little window.   (I see the ads that totally disturb the experience, and I can site there and futz around with the mouse to get it to a reasonable position.   This was a full fledged feature that had a start up option to open in a pop-up.

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          matthew.sling Newbie

          Hey Larry,


          Thanks for contacting us here on the forums. The Chrome browser works different then other browser. Chrome went to a 64 bit only and the plug it only work on 32 bit. After that happen, we made an extension for the 64 bit vision. With all that being said, when you connect on chrome it should open in another window. This new window will be like the Slingplayer desktop application. If you would it back the way you explained, you could use other supported browsers Fire Fox, or Internet Explorer. The other browser still work the same way as before. Here is some more information on the Chrome browser.


          Hope that helps!