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    Please make favorites work


      Favorites used to work in Slingplayer, but I haven't seen this work for many years!


      - On Android they are completely missing?

      - In the browser they are now also completely missing?

      - In the iPhone app I can not, edit, delete or add favorites?

      - In the iPad app all my favorites are now blank.


      I'm completely baffled how customers can live without this feature? I live in Denmark and I have to write all the channels down on a seperate note in my notepad when I need to find a channel. This means I have to exit the slingplayer app on my phone since it will not run in the background? I have three different slingboxes and they all suffer the same problem.


      The "guide" does not work in Denmark. The favorites is a simple tool that makes the user experience sooooo much better.

      Slingbox, pleeeease fix this feature as it worked in previous versions of slingplayer.


      Best regards,


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          Favorites work on my Android devices with Sling 500 and M1.


          They do not work on the web player, which I also find annoying!

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            PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make Favorites work.


            It is almost a deal breaker for me.  I watch about 10  channels and ignore all the rest BUT with Slingbox on the PC and my Droid devices (as far as I know) I have to wade thru all kinds of dumb channels I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in, before I can find the few I want.


            Please provide a focused way to get to what one really wants.