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    Updating after a hard reset on Slingbox 500 takes forever

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      I`m New to the SlingboxI


      Just purchase a 500 (second hand)


      I went to the procedure to set it up, but at some point it became unresponsive, so I hard reset it.


      When I turn it on it took me through the startup procedure after a factory reset)


      I Connected to my Wi-Fi


      I then started to download latest firmware (from 1.1... to 1.8...)


      The Update and took 7 minutes to do so to 00:00


      It then read "completing update" and nothing happened for 7 hours.


      I then Unplugged the Power and started the procedure all over again, but this time I’m downloading directly via my router (not Wi-Fi)


      But exactly the same thing happened.


      I have also tried to just Power it up without doing a reset , but only the logo comes up on my TV and nothing more happened.




      Can anybody give me a help on how to overcome my update problem


      Best regards from Roger in Norway