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    WiFi Connection Issue


      Hello, I just bought the M1 in USA and brought in to Italy.

      I was trying to complete the installation by Mini Ipad but its wifi setting doesn't find any wifi signal from the M1. I also tried to install through my laptop (Asus) but it can't find any slingbox. Both the mini ipad and my laptop use the same home wifi network as the slingbox should use. My home network can't find any signal from the Slingbox.

      Has anyone ever dealt with it?

      On the FAQ section I read:

      Can I use a US-purchased Slingbox in another country?

      A Slingbox purchased in the US includes a US-specific 110V AC adapter, which only works in North America. The Slingbox 500 also has on-screen features that are only supported in North America.

      May it be it? May it be just about a power adaptor problem?