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    M1 no HD option on desktop Slingplayer (even at same location as M1)

    jamesmccourt Novice



      Recently purchased an M1 and am using it successfully with a TimeWarner Cable Motorola box and Netgear router (hard wired with Ethernet cable).


      I'm using component cables and the picture is excellent. However, streaming at around 7500-8000 Kbps (at location of the M1 on same network) I still don't get the HD option on the desktop Slingplayer (see attached image - 'Best' is as far as I can select). With an internet upload speed of around 5.43 Mbps I would have thought the HD setting would work?


      Is there a reason I'm not getting it?





      Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.51.27 PM.png