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    SlingPlayer Web Plug-in... freeze


      I have a brand new PC in my home office.  This is my first Slingbox 350.  I have watched the videos and followed the instructions.

      When I got to watch.slingbox.com, choose my country, log in, then I get an 'initializing' black screen which freezes.  If I stop the page and/or refresh, it takes me to a screen I recognize from the YouTube videos where I need to accept the terms and conditions of the new Sling-Player Web Plug-In.  Well, it just freezes and no matter how many times I click 'I Accept' it never does anything else.


      I have read the forums, and many others for the last 4 hours and will give this forum a try before I throw this thing on Ebay and go another direction, never to return.  Beyond frustrated at this point.  I have tried everything I have read, cleared caches, reset router/slingbox/modem/PC/browser.


      I have tried on Chrome and it says it's not supported with contradicts what I read in this very forum in a thread from a Dev 4 months ago.


      Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi TJDonnell!


          The issue you are experiencing (at least its resolution) likely lies somewhere in the computer or browser.  I thought I would drop by and give you .  After each step, try installing the plugin again and see if it works.


          • Refresh the page and see what happens


          • Make sure the browser is up-to-date, and the operating system is supported

                    Here is an article that will show you which browsers and operating systems we support for the plugin:  Slingbox.com - What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


          • Uninstall and reinstall the plugin

                    Here is an article that should help you accomplish this:  Slingbox.com - Installing/removing browser plug-in for Watch on Slingbox.com


          • Quit and relaunch the browser


          • Restart the computer


          • Clear your browser cache and cookies


          • Check network security settings - try disabling any firewalls you might find in the router where you are.


          • Check antivirus settings - Antivirus software can certainly have an effect on the smooth operation of our web plugin.  If you are able and/or willing, I would consider disabling the antivirus software and seeing if that helps at all.


          • Change computer security settings (primarily for IE) - This entails things like Windows Firewall, or any other security settings that may be adjusted in the computer.



          If none of these things work, try it using a different supported browser.  Also, a possible workaround may be to use our standalone desktop player.  You can download the one appropriate for your computer at slingbox.com/m1setup.  (NOTE, this website will congratulate you for purchasing a Slingbox M1.  Don't worry about that, just proceed to download Slingplayer for Desktop)


          Hope you found this helpful!