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    Please wait


      I have been watching sling box in Costa Rica for about 3 months with no problem.  But, yesterday when I logged and turn the power on with the remote, I get PLEASE WAIT....... and nothing.  I have had my parents (where the Sling Box is located) unplug their router and the sling box trying to reset it, but I still have the PLEASE WAIT message.  Can anyone help?

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi JEJ!


          Because you're already connected to the Slingbox, and the error occurs only when you power on your cable box, it sounds like that error might be coming from your cable box itself.  The first thing I would try is unplugging your cable box, and plugging it back in.


          Would you be able to include a screenshot of this error message?  It might help us tell for sure where the error is coming from.  I would also be interested in knowing if this error happens at home also.


          Hope this is helpful!