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    My 2007 Classic

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      I have a Slingbox Classic that I bought in 2007.  Will it still work?  Do I need a special remote control to operate it from a remote location?  Is there a manual or user guide I can download?  Does it need to be hard wired to my Comcast (Xfinity) wireless modem, or can it connect wirelessly? 

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          You don't say if it is a US one or a European one, but the only part that might not work is the tuner.  I have one of the original Classics fitted with an analog tuner so that is now useless in the UK.   And you will have to hard wire it to the modem, only the very recent Slingboxes use wireless.   The setup is the same as all the other Slingboxes. Just plug it all in and when the Network light is lit up go to http://setup.slingbox.com