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    audio/video problems


      My slingbox 500 has worked well for just over one year (installed May 2014).  Now, without any changes to the system, the main TV, where the slingbox connects between the cable box and the tv is experiencing 1) lack of audio, and either lack of video, or video flashing 2x every 15 seconds.  I have swapped cable boxes and it does not fix the problem, I have changed cables and it has not fixed the problem.  I remove the slingbox from the setup and the cable box and the tv work fine.


      Is there any software issues or upgrades that could solve this problem, or am I now faced with a malfunctioning hardware box, one month removed from warranty?  It is really not appropriate that one month out of warranty for a $300 product, I have to pay $29.95 just to be able to talk to someone at slingbox and ask that simple question.

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          The pass through sockets in the back are just that, the signal should go through them without going into the Slingbox internals.   As you changed the cables the apparent answer is a loose connection inside the box.   As it's out of warranty I guess you have nothing to lose by opening it and taking a look.