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    Bandwidth crash when channel is pay per view


      Hello all,

      I live in Italy. My Slingbox M1 is connected to a DVB-T decoder.

      Model is HUMAX DTV 4700 that is not present in the list of M1 firmware.

      I solved the remote control problem with the help of this forum.



      Actually in the list are not present also my country and the device type (it's not a cable/satellite box).


      Practically the signal video is correctly detected and transmitted until I select a pay per view transmission.

      When I change the channel from a channel in clear to a ppv channel, the bandwidth pass systematically (If it's a live broadcast ) from a bit rate higher than 800kbps under 200kbps.

      When I back to to a  channel in clear  the bandwidth immediately increase


      In my investigation I found that Italy use the same DVB-T (system and compression) than Denmark. But I tried almost all country available in the list and really many different combinations without solve the problem.

      I tried also to verify if some new DVB-T decoder in sell in Italy is present in the M1 list but no one.


      There is a solution or I have to change Slingbox with some other tool?


      Thank you very much in advance!