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    WebSlingPlayer PlugIn won't Activate

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      I have an older model slingbox - ( SlingBox Pro, I think).  I use a Macbook, and Firefox version 38.0.5


      I received a message that there was a new version of the PlugIn.  I downloaded and ran it.  When I logged into the Slingbox site, it gave me the page that asked to Activate the PlugIn.  I clicked the "Activate WebSlingPlayer" link; it then gave me the pop-up to "Allow and Remember", as expected.  When I click the Allow and Remember button, nothing happens (other than the "Active WebSlingPlayer" link disappearing from the "box".  When I check the permissions, it shows that the PlugIn is set to "Allow", but the process is frozen, and I can't watch TV.


      Any idea what the problem is (anfd more importantly, what the fix is?


      Also - When I look at the status of the plugin it shows:


      WebSlingPlayer Plug-in

      File: SlingPlayer.plugin
      Path: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/SlingPlayer.plugin
      State: Enabled
      Web based SlingPlayer for streaming from Slingbox
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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Dean,


          If the only computer you have available is the Mac, I would suggest running the Slingbox using the Classic Desktop Player. It's a little hard to find, so I'll link the article below:



          You would just want to skip the "update" portion, or else you'll run into the same problem. However, if you have a PC available, you can complete the regular steps there and you will be able to finish any changes without a problem.


          I hope this helps!!


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              Thanks , that worked, though I can not see how to view in full screen mode.  Is there a way to do that?

              ... and what changed that does not allow me to watch via the traditional method (www.slingbox.com)?  Is there a known problem witht he latest plug-in?

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                I also use a Mac and had the same issue. Until yesterday when the site didn't give me a choice but to install the new plug-in, I could watch via Mozilla browser without an issue. After downloading the plug-in and manually enabling it, it keeps bringing me back to the screen that is described above.


                I also tried to follow the link you proposed, but it automatically redirects me to the slingbox.com main page.


                Have you any suggestions?