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    SlingPlayer for Tablets app has black picture on Component source for Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 4G LTE SM-T705


      This is for my SlingPlayer for Tablets app. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 4G LTE SM-T705 and the video picture goes black on the Component source. When I turn on the Composite source, it works but that doesn't have as good of a picture as the Component source. How I know that it's the app and not my Slingbox 500 is because I have SlingPlayer for Phones installed on my Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Component Source works just fine. I'm looking at it as I'm typing this. Please help me I would greatly appreciate it I'm sure that this is the SlingPlayer for Tablets app please help me. P.S. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.