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    Updated Post


      I am no longer able to post in my original discussion. An error always happens.




      I called slingmedia support on May 15th, 2015 and informed them that I was not pleased with the advertising decision. The person I spoke to was pleasant and informed me they were receiving a flood of calls on this issue. However, he stated that this decision was from the Marketing team and there was nothing he could do about it other than note my complaint. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was informed of the same. I asked if it would help get my message across if I posted on the forums, and he said possibly, so I created this thread. I also asked about returning my product, but I didn't remember where I had purchased it from. We ended the call on pleasant terms.


      After doing more research, I have discovered the following:

      1) I had purchased my Slingbox 500 directly from slingmedia about 1 year ago.

      2) According to an article, SlingMedia is pleased with the advertising results and no plans are mentioned to even consider removing advertisements. (source: Sling Media Defends Ad Strategy | Multichannel)

      This is an Unacceptable situation.


      I understand the need to pay engineers and developers. I understand the need to upgrade. But making a fundamental change to a software program already payed for in the cost of the SlingBox 500 that grossly and negatively affects the viewing experience is grounds for a return. I will be pursuing a return of my product to my maximum ability, up to, and including filing a Better Business Bureau claim and/or issuing a charge-back on my credit card if necessary. I'd of course, be happy to ship the product back. I don't believe in stealing.


      I'd encourage others to ship their products back as well. It might disrupt the convenience of watching TV on your computer, but there are in fact, other options out there that don't throw ads in your face, but I will not advertise them here for 2 reasons:

      1) This is a 100% serious thread on my behalf about an issue regarding a SlingMedia product necessary to watch TV on the computer - a core part of their offering. Nothing else.

      2) I'm trying to set a precedent by not placing ads here for another company's service and/or product.


      -Fishscene, Unsatisfied customer since, May 15th, 2015.

      (P.S. Soon to be ex-customer)

      (P.S. How many ads need to be clicked to cover the cost of 1 SlingBox 500, I hate games like this, but Slingbox is only playing numbers now)