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    What did Sling change in the last month to cause the remote to disappear unless the cursor is kept moving?

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      In the last month or so Sling changed something to their system where the remote will appear when the cursor is moved (like in the past), but now I have to keep moving the cursor or the remote disappears after 5 seconds.  This is a pain when forwarding, rewinding or just reading movie descriptions.  Also, before I was able to double click on the screen when it was in full screen mode and it would move out of full screen mode so I could access controls.  Now I have to hit the exit button - again a pain as I have the computer next to the tv and use a wireless mouse.

      Today, I am having a problem where the remote will not appear at all, and I have had to control alt delete to get out of full screen mode, and then log in again.

      I don't know if the engineers at Sling think these are improvements, but they aren't for me.

      Anyone else having these problems?