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    Internet Access

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      I have a Slingbox 350.  I access it through Internet Explorer.  With the Slingbox video running in a background window, my complter lost power and shut down.  After restarting the computer, all other programs are working as normal.  However, when I go to Slingbox.com and select "Watch", I get the normal black screen, and the circle "Initializing"  After about 3 seconds, the screen goes white and Slingbox stops running.  I have reset my slingbox and I have restarted my computer.  I have tried accessing my account from another computer and have the same result.  Any ideas how tofix or reset whatever is out of whack?

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice



          What I would suggest would be to first completely uninstall and reinstall the plugin from the browser on each computer you are seeing the issue on.  I'll link an article below, just in case you need the exact steps:



          Please restart the computer after the plugin has been installed again if you see the issue continue after. Just in case you're still seeing the issue after following those steps, please download the Desktop Player for your computer from the link below. This will be right below the Web Plugin options:



          The Desktop Player has been approved for viewing on each unit; you will just not be able to make any modifications (remote changes, factory resets, et cetera) from this player.


          I hope this helps!!


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              Thank you for the suggestion.  But, the problem is not with this computer.   have Slingbox installed on three of my computers here.  After this one computer crashed, I have not been able to access Slinbox on the other two computers either.  It seems the problem is either with my Slingbox hardware (although I called home - all lights are on, and they restarted the box), or a problem with my account.  Any ideas?