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    Xfinity X1 system




      I have a 350 and ever since I upgraded to the Xfinity X1 system, my Slingbox will give me audio but no video.  Does anyone know if the 350 works with the X1?

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          krista.sling Newbie

          Hello David!!


          Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forum!!! Do you possibly have an HDMI cable connecting the cable box to the TV? If so, you may be encountering HDCP, which is a form of copyright protection. Here is an article that will give you some information along with a resolution.



          I hope this helps and if you have any other questions or issues please contact us again!!!



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              Thanks for the support.  That didn't do the trick.


              I am currently using the five RCA cords, not an HDMI cable.


              When I load Slingbox I get the sound but no video.  I get a black screen with the wording being, "The connected video signal is not supported".  Elsewhere here, I saw someone write this:


              "I had the same problem with audio with no video.  I fixed it by changing the "output resolution" in the "Device Settings" menu.  The Slingbox 350 cannot handle 1080p60 so I put it on 1080p30 and everything works fine."

              I have looked but can't find where the Device Settings menu is to try this.  Can you tell me where I could find that?


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              krista.sling Newbie

              Yes, if you are getting the "The connected video signal is not supported" message, then you will want to locate the video resolution settings within your cable box menu settings. You will need to change the video resolution output from 1080p to 1080i. This will then allow the video to be displayed.


              Hope this helps better!!