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    New Desktop SlingPlayer


      In my opinion, the new desktop SlingPlayer is a big step backwards.


      Ads:  Annoying. Much has been made of this by other posters so I will not rant on…


      Desktop User interface:

      • When SlingPlayer starts, it does not remember it’s prior location on desktop or size – unlike prior version and almost every other piece of windows software.
      • New version does not have Volume, Mute or Pause controls on main window when it is reduced in size. Old version had these available on main screen.  With the new version I must wait for the ads to complete (did I mention annoying?) then pop out the remote, move it out of the way then reduce the TV window to the desired size.  Several new actions and wasted time to accomplish what used to take no actions and no time. 
      • The resizing doesn’t work very intelligently (IMO) either.  When reducing size, the window  will frequently loose the TV image and keep an ad  and/or the play controls. So I must resize again to get the picture back.
      • If I need to mute the TV, I must use the remote which I had to open and move out of the way – Prior SlingPlayer had mute control on TV screen.
      • If I need to Pause TV, I need to expand TV window to get to the play controls … but then I find that the pause doesn’t work --- so now there is no Pause functionality????


      I have several Sling Boxes. I was going to start converting the older ones to the newer M1 – mostly to make them available to my ROKU boxes. I find that to use the M1 with a Roku that I need to add a mobile device to the mix. Too much --- PITA. 


      The ad situation is not a deal breaker for me.  None would be better. A paid-for-no-ads player would be better.  Rather, it is the cumulative effect of the ads and the questionable changes to the UI which are.  With the current user experience with the new M1 and Desktop Player, I will postpone any new purchases until the Player is made more user friendly.  I have uninstalled the new M1 and reinstalled the older unit.   I hope someone at SlingBox is listening…

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          I just "upgraded" to the new SlingPlayer for my laptop (as if I had a choice). The ads are annoying, but I have also had the resizing problem you note. That is a real problem - the screen going blank when you try to go full screen with the image. How can I get my old SlingPlayer back? I, too, hope someone is listening...