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    Setting up M1 Video Source Configuration


      I'm setting up an M1 in Australia on a Foxtel IQ2, and I just have a couple of questions.


      1. Does me declaring that my location is in the US turn the M1 into an NTSC mode? Would I be better off picking a PAL region or does this not matter?
      2. Even though I told slingbox that I didn't have a video source worth caring about, it still made me declare one, and I went with a random philips device. The first time I ran SlingPlayer it had squeezed the wide image into 4:3 and I had to play with the scale settings to get it looking right - is this normal or as a result of my having picked a 4:3 device.
      3. I see that I can reconfigure my video source device - what impact does this have on my video quality/aspect ratio as mentioned above?