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    Only Slingplayer can hang my system


      I run a lot of different software on my Windows 8.1 Surface Pro computer.  But only ONE company's programs can hang my system completely, necessitating a reboot -- Sling Media.  This happens regularly with BOTH the web plugin (I'm using IE 11) and the standalone program.  I launch the program, the wheel begins spinning, and then suddenly it stops and the whole system is frozen and non-responsive.  At this point, all I can do is a hard restart by pressing the power button until the computer shuts off and then turning it back on again.  I believe that this bug has something to do with the computer having been in sleep mode at some point after being booted initially -- it never seems to happen after a cold start.  Are there any known incompatibilities with this software?  Like I said, Slingplayer is the ONLY software that has ever crashed my system.  (btw, I've never had a freeze using the player for my iPad or Windows Phone.)

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          sakisson Novice

          Hi, as far as I'm aware of for Surface RT/PRO you will have to use the slingplayer for win8 and not the browser

          for more info check this below link, i think the application if free for 24 hours

          which slingbox do you have?

          Slingbox.com - Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Windows 8

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            evan.sling Novice

            Hi Jeff!


            It's odd that the software is freezing on you.  Just to clarify, you should not need to use the Windows 8 app for $14.99 on a Surface Pro.  The standalone desktop app or the browser web plugin should be compatible with your computer.


            I would say, to start, uninstall and reinstall the IE web plugin and the standalone Slingplayer for Desktop app.  Here is an article concerning uninstalling the plugin:



            The issue clearly lies somewhere either in the software, or in some setting in the tablet itself that's triggering this issue.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the software should hopefully clear up any issues with the software itself.


            Hope this helps!



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                I've just HAD it with the lack of working playback options for Windows.  I've uninstalled the browser plug-in as per your instructions.  I've installed and uninstalled and re-installed the standalone application.  But it's still the ONLY application that hangs my computer.  If I run it RIGHT after booting, it's fine.  But if I've been using the computer for any length of time ... freeze.

                Put yourself in this scenario:  You want to watch something that's about to come on.  You load Slingplayer and the system freezes.  You restart your computer, knowing that you've already missed a couple of minutes.  You load Slingplayer and have to endure one of those @##$% ads before you can watch your show.  Would you be in a good mood after this?

                All I want is a player as crash-proof and commercial free as the ones that run on my Windows phone and iPad, for the same price.  And without the scathing reviews that your current Windows offering has garnered (unless I get a full refund if it ever freezes).  Is there ever going to be such a Windows offering?   Is what's available now all that's ever going to be available for Windows?  This lame a lineup certainly doesn't speak well for your software development team.

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                Having exactly the same issue. Can't download the Win Marketplace app (just keeps saying "something went wrong our end"). Issue affects both web and desktop players and only after the machine has been in some kind of sleep mode (sleep, hibernate). Restart fixes it. No joy finding a solution either. Is this common?


                I'm on Win 10 x64 Anniversary Update.