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    First it was ads, now the desktop player stops working.  "Building Buffer"


      My desktop player is useless now.  I keep getting the message "Connected!  Building Buffer.."  in the top left corner, and it will never connect after that.  I have had to uninstall and reinstall the desktop player 4 times now.  It works immediately after reinstall, but once it is closed, it will not work again until it has been reinstalled.  Since I have the M1 this is the only way I can watch on my computer.  Hopefully Sling Media can take a small break from coding all the ads and fix this.  My $150 purchase is looking more and more like a mistake every day.


      Other users in this forum are experiencing  the same thing.  One discussion I found was as far back as April 11 with no reply from Sling Media.  Has this been acknowledged by anyone at Sling, and is anything being done to fix is??  I tried to reply to their discussions but I received an error message every time, so even these forums do not work right.  Sling has begun their quick downward slide it would appear.


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          korey.sling Newbie

          Hello fidjumatchu,


             What OS are you using the Slingplayer on? If it is windows try typing %appdata% in your search bar in the start menu and pressing enter after that it will bring up a window look for Slingplayer or anything Slinbox related and delete it and try to launch the software again.





          Hope this helps,


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            I find a combination of trying to opening the program, and trying it kill it via the 'X" in the upper right hand corner. This doesn't work the first or second time generally. So you may have to go to the task manger. End the program, and then check for (and close) and remaining processes for Slingbox.You don't have to reinstall the program, but you will probably have to open and close it a few times. 


            All of this stinks, of course, but if you are away from home and need to use the Slingbox, it is possible to work through this error. I am running, which they say is the latest version. I am also running Windows 7.


            I have a larger [problem trying to view HDTV material. The video lags the audio terrible, and this lag just builds.

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              Mine crashes all the time, just locks up from something as simple as moving the window to my second monitor. Even minimizing and bringing it back up will make it freeze. Once it gets rolling AFTER forcing you to watch the ad it works fine. Bloated desktop app, freezes but the ads always seem to work. No pay option to remove the ad. If this was my company I would fire the person who made that decision. I understand you can't maintain software for free, but give us an option to pay for god sakes.