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    Remote needed for Swann DVR4-950 Security DVR

    alanrichey42 Master

      >>>dogert wrote:


      >>>Can anyone provide me with a custom built remote code

      for a Swann DVR4-950 Security DVR.


      >>>I'm not sure who the manufacture  is. I tried to do a

      google search and everything points back to Swann





      Did you not read the thread I pointed you to ?


      It SPECIFICALLY says to tell me you have read it so we  don't waste time going around in circles, and to start a new thread  with the title of Manufacturer and Model number, NOT something generic  like 'Custom Built Remote Codes'.   The whole point of that is that  anyone with the same device will find this thread on a search if you had  done as I asked.


      So I have restarted the thread with a proper title.


      Try this Custom Remote.  Closest I could get was the  Swan DVR-1000 but hopefully it uses the same codes.   It doesn't have  many functions, just Play/Pause/Stop..  Up/Down and 1-4.  Is that OK ?