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    I cannot change the channel remotely on my Slingbox 500

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      I used to be able to change the channel on my TV from my laptop. I can not longer do that. Any help?

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          JohnKeller Newbie

          Hello kcormp,


          Based on your description of the issue, I'd say it could be one of two things...


          1) Something is obstructing the infrared signal from the Slingbox to your cable box, or the IR emitter cable has accidentally been moved out of position.  If this is the case, I'd recommend ensuring that the IR emitter is facing the infrared sensor on the front of your cable box.  If it is already in the correct position, I'd remove the cable from its connection in the back of the Slingbox, and reseat the cable.  Your Slingbox has a built in IR emitter, but in situations where the remote functionality is in question, I always recommend using the IR emitter cable that came with the unit.


          2) The second possibility is that, for some reason, the unit is no longer properly configured to your cable box.  Has the Slingbox been hard reset recently, or have you changed cable providers/cable boxes at all?  These are likely causes of the issue if it does indeed need to be reconfigured.


          Here are some helpful support articles to assist you in troubleshooting further:


          If it is the IR cable out of position, take a look a this link:

          Slingbox.com - IR Emitter/Remote Control Troubleshooting for Slingbox 350/500


          If you need to reconfigure your Slingbox to a new cable box, definitely check out this article:

          Slingbox.com - I got a new set-top box, and I can't control my TV now


          Hope this information was helpful!