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    HDMI and Video Security DVR

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      Hello all... I have one of those cheap import video security dvr's that has a hdmi video output to view my video cameras.  I have verified that the hdmi cable is good, the connection to a tv with hdmi is good and able to display the security cameras and the hdmi in port on the slingbox 500 is good.  It comes down to the connection from the security dvr to the slingbox not recognizing the video.  The slingbox just does not show anything.  Would anyone know what could be causing this issue?  Could the dvr be outputting an analog signal and the slingbox hdmi is digital?  Can the slingbox display analog hdmi signal?  Is there anyway to test hdmi signals to know what the dvr is outputting?



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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Steve,


          It is possible that the DVR you're using has HDCP/SOC copyright protections installed by the manufacturer. I've placed a link below that has an overview on these copyrights:



          This can normally be avoided using an HDMI splitter or HDMI Adapter.


          I hope this helps!


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              Hello Samantha...there would be no reason to have hdcp on a video security dvr...there is no protected content.  Since our last conversation, I did purchase the hdmi to component splitter from the website so I will report back with results.  The resolution I an trying to display on the dvr is 960x480 so what I did is that I also bought another HD video security dvr with perhaps a resolution that the sling 500 can recognizes.  What I did also buy is a sling 350 and see if there is a difference between the quality of hd video streaming with component cables vs hdmi with the 500.  I will keep you posted with results...thank you for your assistance!