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    chromebook help did not work


      re:  "Please add support for Chromebook" 

      Sakis sakis wrote:   

      which slingbox do you have? from Solo and up and if the port forward is configured on your router for the slingbox,

      I think you can use this link

      Slingbox Player

      I tried the help in a previous thread, and the page successfully found my slingbox after login, however, when I clicked on my box (status green), the page stayed 'connecting' and never did connect.  The led's on the slingbox did not show a connection.  My s-box works well on my pc, and well remotely on my pc.    Any ideas on why its not working for me on my chromebook?  btw port forwarding is enabled for the s-box on my router   (HP Chromebook 14", fully updated)  thx


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