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    Slingbox Embedded using Port 443

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      I have configured my Slingbox to use Port 443 since 5001 is blocked at work.

      Also, any webpages with slingbox in the domain URL are blocked.

      So, I tried using the embedded Slingbox player using port 443.

      Now, at least when I start the embedded player, I get a green light next to Slingbox Directory for my slingbox and it says streaming.

      Sometimes it will say a status of remote. I am not sure what the difference between streaming and remote is.

      However, when I click on my Slingbox from the directory, I get an error when it starts the player.

      Does anyone have any ideas, or suggestions on what is happening? If the port was blocked, I would not see the green light.

      I know this because when I use port 5001, or another blocked port, the light is yellow.

      --- Ryan