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    Can Sling box be remotely rebooted


      I know my remote network is OK because I can get to my WD MYCloud and see files etc.  But I cannot connect to my sling box for I receive the following message.  So I was wondering if there is a remote boot capability?


      Your Slingbox is not currently accessible.

      • Possible causes are:
      • - It could be in the middle of an update
      • - It could be turned off
      • - It may have a local network issue
      • - It may be unable to connect to our backend services
      • - Your router may have an issue
      • Click here for more information.



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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Wayne!


          Unfortunately, there is no method that we provide at this time to remotely reboot your Slingbox.  I took a look in your account, and it looks like your Slingbox is currently offline.


          Take a look at this article.  It is the article you are directed to when you click "here" for more information, and it is a good place to start when you (or someone else) is with the actual Slingbox to troubleshoot.



          Hope this helps!



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            It probably isn't any assistance to you right now, but I use a WeMo switch at the power outlet end of my Slingbox Pro-HD, which allows me to switch off and on, over the internet, and remedy some of the issues you mention as potential causes.  I also have a switch of the video source too, so can run a power cycle on that, when necessary.  The switches can be set up with "Rules", if you wanted to carry out a power cycle every few days/weeks, but personally, I prefer not to do that.


            As these switches work over an internet connection, I haven't found a way of rebooting my broadband router, remotely, but thankfully, that hasn't been a real issue, to date.


            There are many other styles and brands of remote power switches, but the WeMo works for us.


            Do you have a friend or neighbour who might be able to run the power cycle for you?

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              Since the technology exists for remotely powering electrical devices on or off (e.g., Belkin''s Wemo), and as remote usage is the essence Slingbox''s purpose, why not incorporate that technology into the next generation Slingbox?