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    Ports for M1, both directions?


      I just bought an M1, I have 3 days left before Best Buy's return policy runs out so I want to figure this out fast (or it's going back to the store).


      First, I set this M1 up at a relative's house right after I bought it, and verified that it is functional. I then brought it to my house, where I haven't been able to use it at all.


      My home network an IPTables based firewall between it and the cable modem, with a default DENY policy. Exceptions for outbound ports include 80,443,8080 and a handful of others... the usual HTTP stuff. I plugged the M1 in thinking that it would probably work for streaming within the house, but no such luck.


      I've forwarded (and unblocked) TCP and UDP on 5001 and 5301 to the M1's IP address, still no luck. I even opened everything up to a default ACCEPT policy, like a non-firewalling home router would have... STILL nothing doing.


      I figured I'd power cycle the M1 while sniffing all the traffic going to/from its IP at the firewall, but I'm seeing no traffic... not even an attempt to open up a port with UPnP or a "phone home" to slingbox.com to tell the directory what IP it's at.


      In the PC (mac) Slingplayer app, Directory>>Network Settings, it says the "Home IP Address" is That's incorrect; there is nothing at that IP on this network, in fact it's non-routable. I'm not sure if that's stating that the Slingplayer app is at that IP, or if it thinks that the M1 is at that IP. Either way it's wrong, but it would be informative to know.


      I understand there is (or used to be) a way to connect directly to a particular IP and port, but I can't find it in the Slingplayer app. If I could find that, I'd at least be able to do some experiments and rule out some problems.


      I'm out of ideas and running out of time, help?