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    roku 3 problem


      I Have slingplayer 3.05 for android and want to stream to my roku 3

      There is no icon to do this on my tablet

      Any idea of where it would be

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          I am fed up!  Sometimes the Roku stream icon is there and more often it is not.  What is the problem here and why can't Slingbox answer peoples questions with either the solution or at least acknowledge the problem and admit they don't have a clue. My wife simply wants to watch her favorite programs on our Samsung TV.  We have a Roku 3 attached to the TV.  She has a  Samsung 12.2 tablet.  She can connect to the Slingbox and watch on her tablet, but there is no Roku stream icon so that she can mirror to the TV.  This happened two weeks ago and then it seemed to work and now it doesn't.  ?????????  WHY?